They feel our support

We believe that the main goal of our business is not to constantly generate profit, but to render help to those who need it


Stop playing your game. Seek peace in helping your neighbor

We donate some of our profits to charity, and invest in social initiatives, educational programs and the fight against global social problems

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поддерживаемых некоммерческих учреждений

социальных и образовательных инициатив в год

рублей выделено средств на благотворительность


We help the Russian Orthodox Church

Our charitable fund named after Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir supports social initiatives, and charitable and educational programs

We support a large number of monasteries and non-commercial organizations:

Vvedenskiy Tolga Convent  (

Donskoy Monastery of the Moscow Eparchy  (

Orthodox Parish of Troitsky temple in Kolomna (Shurovo) of the Moscow Eparchy of the Russian Orthodox Church

St. Dukhovsky temple in the Shkin settlement, Kolomensky region

Temple of St. Job Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’

Staritsky St. Uspensky Monastery Resurrection Fund

Equal Right to Life Non-commercial Partnership, and others


Our significant initiatives

 in 2015

In 2015, we set up a fund through which we have already implemented a number of social initiatives and charitable programs

Charitable fund named after Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir


With the blessing of the Patriarch of Moscow and all Rus’ Kirill the fund supported the transfer to Russia of the relics of Dmitry Solunsky on the 5th of February


To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, on the 24th of April the relics of Saint George were brought to Russia on the initiative of the fund


About sport

Sport does not determine your character, it just reveals it

We promote a healthy way of life and support national sport:


Sponsor of the Dynamo sport volleyball club (Moscow)


Title partner of the Golden Ring Run marathon

Social projects implemented by our group:


IRWIN 2 supports projects implemented by the National Society of Pediatric Hematologists and Oncologists (NSPHO)


IRWIN 2 is a prime sponsor of the Moscow Regional State Young Generation Theater