Live and develop

There is no going forward without change, and no change without new thinking


We are writing history together

During the growth and expansion of our Group, to create a vertically integrated holding we decided to clearly determine and describe the mission and vision of Pharmeco.

A large number of top experts have joined our company as it has grown, so we want to make sure that each member of our large team is on the same page and writes the history of the Group with us, fully aware of what our group aims to become.

Our mission:

to live and develop to improve the health of everyone

The time has come

Life is a road full of obstacles. When we travel along this road together, our minds should be free and bound by a common vision


We have the following vision:


By 2025, 80% of the medicines sold in Russia will be manufactured in the Russian Federation and countries of the Customs Union


30% of innovative medicines will be manufactured based on Russian research and developments


People will have free access to modern, reasonably priced, vital medicines in each region of the Russian Federation


Pharmeco will be one of the three leaders in the healthcare industry in innovative research and developments, modern production and distribution

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