Success through self-discovery

We believe that the real driver of a successful career is self-discovery. This energy comes from the desire to understand why we are here


We rely on talent

We are striving to introduce the “leader-leaders” model inside our Group

We want each and every associate to be able to take independent decisions in relation to his or her duties and be fully responsible for the results achieved.

We want each and every member of our team to view each day of his or her work as an opportunity to learn, improve, and master new and more efficient methods of operation.

In our work we rely on the talent of our people in line with the following four rules:

We discover talent

You can take away everything we have, but do not take our abilities, and soon we will have everything taken away


Welcome to Pharmeco

Take the first step - pass a check for compliance with our values (key rules). If you give a positive answer and have no doubts that you wish to disclose your potential in full, take the next step, and apply to our HR team

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