Key principles

We work in strict compliance with our principles; they are like a guiding star that leads our big ship to our goal

Our principles

Key principles of Pharmeco

Our principles are the basis for our attitude to life and work, they are the foundation that helps us take decisions in difficult situations, and we follow them strictly


From philosophy to the business idea


Pharmeco Brand φilosophy

The circle in the logo means the “Circle of Development”

We always make every effort to get it right, and then repeat the process if we see an opportunity to improve the result. This is the circle of development

The blue color symbolizes the “Strength of Mind”

The color symbolizes our strength of spirit: excellent organization, striving for perfection and perseverance in achieving our goals

The φ letter symbolizes the “Golden Ratio”

It means the golden proportion, division into the extreme and mean ratio, the harmonious order of things. It is expressed in the endless irrational number: 1.618033988...

For us it means an understanding and acceptance of different opinions and ideas, the availability of a large number of solutions to achieve one goal and the continuous search for the best golden solutions

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