We ship products to every region of the Russian Federation using modern transportation and storage facilities that comply with GDP/GSP standards




regions of the RF


Compliance with

>12 000


Since 2001, IRWIN 2 has been engaged in the distribution of medicines, medical devices and equipment in the public sector all over Russia.


We supply products to fulfill federal and state orders, under Essential Drug Management Programs, and to pharmacies.


Our clients are federal medical and research centers, as well as treatment and preventive and medical institutions in every region of the Russian Federation



warehouse management system

ANTOR LogisticsMaster

cargo transportation planning system

10 500 m2

floor area

IRWIN 2 stores and ships products from its main warehouse in Podolsk, Moscow region.


The complete automation and high-tech equipment of the warehouse ensure the storage and transportation of products in line with the strictest requirements and standards set both by manufacturers and by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation



Our modern warehouse complex is ISO certified and complies with the international requirements of GSP (Good Storage Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice), and is equipped with control, planning and identification systems.


The floor area of the warehouse premises is 10,500 m2



Warehouse characteristics


Acceptance area:

High pallet storage area:

Multimodal cooling chambers:

Small piece storage area:


Forwarding area:

Expensive goods storage area:

А +

1,000 m2 - 250 pallets

6 layers - 7,866 pallets

338 m2 - 360 pallets

5,950 static and 1,440 gravitational cells

600 boxes/hour - 14 processed directions

1,000 m2 - 100 pallets

1,600 static cells


We work with leading national and global pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Our long-term and constructive partnerships enable us to offer a wide range of in-demand products at competitive prices.